Call for Proposals 2024

 50th Annual Conference Call for Proposals 2024

The Golden Anniversary of Play Research: Embracing the Past, Inspiring the Future

DATE: March 20-23, 2024

LOCATION: The Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, NY

The Association for the Study of Play (TASP) invites you to submit for the 2024 Annual conference from March 20-23, in Rochester, NY. TASP is the premier professional organization in academia dedicated to interdisciplinary research and theory construction concerning play throughout the world. The 2024 conference stands as a remarkable milestone as we commemorate the 50th year of TASP.

Submissions are welcome from play researchers and advocates around the world in all disciplines related to Play.  We believe that diverse perspectives enhance new knowledge and understanding. Our goal is to create an academic environment that invites participation from scholars of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, nationalities, and sexual orientations.

Topics include but not limited to the following: Child and Adult Play, Play and Education/Curriculum/Learning, Play and Health/Well-being, Play Therapy, Play and Social-emotional Learning, Play Rights, Animal play, Folklore, Humor, Kinesiology, Anti-racist/Anti-bias/Inclusive Play, Climate Change and Play, Nature and Play, Play and History/Culture, Leisure/Recreation, Play and Music/Art, Playworks, Play and Social/political issues, etc.

Please submit your proposal with the following information:

  • All Presenters’ contact information and a brief bio.
  • Presentation title (no more than 10 words)
  • Type of presentation: Panel/Symposium, Research/paper, Workshop, Roundtable
  • Abstract- 120 words maximum (to be published in the final program)
  • Session description (maximum 500 words)

Submission Deadline: November 25, 2023

Please submit your proposal HERE:

Please direct any inquiries on conference proposal to Dr. Myae Han, at

Description of the session format

*The length of the sessions will be announced after the proposal acceptance. Stay tuned.

  • Panel/Symposium sessions include multiple presenters examining the topic from a variety of perspectives and engage in interactive/intensive discussion. The organizer of the session should identify between 3-7 participants/presentations (ideally from different institutions) and must obtain the consent of all participants before submitting the proposal. 
  • Research/Paper Session includes individual presentations on new or ongoing research related to play. Multiple presentations will be grouped together in one session.  Each presenter usually presents about 15-20 minutes and will have time for Q&A and discussion.
  • Workshops emphasize learning by doing and allow participants to explore topics in depth through hands-on activities, reflection, and discussion. Proposals should include a detailed outline describing the types of learning activities and interactions you plan.
  • Roundtable sessions are designed to allow maximum interaction among presenters and engage in a discussion on a specific topic of common interest. The presenter is a self-organizer and may do brief presentation followed by interaction and discussion. The presenter needs to include a plan for how to facilitate the interaction during the session.