2023 NYC Conference



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2023 Conference

Playship: a Pathway For Building and Sustaining Equitable Playful Spaces

Date: May 17-19, 2023

Place: Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York City, New York

We create equitable playful spaces when we make room for different and varied experiences and opportunities. Through equitable playful spaces, we can hope to build a culture of care within which each individual can thrive as fulfilled members of society. We therefore have a responsibility to advance equity. We do this best when we are effectively supported and when our wider communities embrace diversity and full inclusion as strengths, uphold fundamental principles of fairness and justice and work to eliminate structural inequities that minimize diverse experiences and limit equitable opportunities. Advancing equity requires understanding broader societal contexts, individual and group biases, and how historical and current inequities have colored our experiences. Playship is a state or condition that positions individuals with the skills and ability to create playful spaces by eliminating biases rooted in our nation’s social, political, economic, and educational structures. Playship creates an environment where all members feel welcome, valued, and caring for each other.